5 Signs it’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is arguably the most important part of the entire home. It’s where you make food and the place you spend the most shared time with family members. In the morning, it’s the wakeup station where you make coffee, and in the afternoon, it serves as a catalyst in bringing together the entire family. If your kitchen isn’t doing its job, it’s time for a remodel! This blog will go over 5 signs it’s time to remodel your kitchen and why it’s important that it functions perfectly to your needs!

1. You Lack Storage & Prep Space

Even if you’re not the biggest foodie in the neighborhood, you still need enough storage to store your food/utensils and prep your daily meals. Storage is an integral part of any kitchen’s functionality, so if your kitchen is lacking this, it’s an obvious sign you need a kitchen remodel. Modern kitchens consist of cabinets, closets, pantries, and so much more! However, sometimes it isn’t nearly enough. This is often due to bad layouts and improper choice of cabinets. There are many new options that make storage an issue of the past, so if you lack space, remodeling is the only solution.

2. Your Space is Cramped

A well-designed kitchen is supposed to be easy to use and trouble-free to move around in. If you find yourself bumping into others while cooking, the flow of your kitchen design will need to be improved. Old kitchen designs tend to bunch everything close together—they weren’t designed for multiple users or with convenience in mind. If your kitchen design is irregular or simply doesn’t work for you, a kitchen remodel can solve the problem. Even if you have a small kitchen, it can become more space-efficient with a good design.

3. Your Kitchen Has Significant Wear & Tear

No one expects a kitchen to be squeaky clean at all times. That being said, there’s a major difference between a dirty kitchen and a broken one. If your cabinets are falling apart, you have cracked/broken tiles, or there are leaks everywhere, it’s best if you fix it as soon as possible. Not only is it unappealing, but it‘s also dangerous! Safety is something that should never be overlooked! Damaged kitchens must absolutely be remodeled.

4. Your Kitchen Has Bad Lighting

Many people may not realize how important the lighting is in the kitchen. The kitchen is, in fact, one of the most inviting places in your home, and if it has dim lighting, it won’t draw people into it. Not to mention it’ll get harder to see while cooking.

Your kitchen lights can either make or break the space. If your kitchen feels gloomy and depressing, it could totally use a nice remodeling. With new fixtures and enhanced lighting, your kitchen can become the magnet that brings people together—like it’s supposed to.

5. You Can’t Stand Being in Your Kitchen

While there’s more to kitchen remodels than the aesthetic appeal, one cannot deny wanting to remodel them solely for this reason. If you can no longer stand looking at your old honey oak cabinets, the horrible popcorn ceiling, or your tile countertop, perhaps it’s time for a change! Kitchens have evolved throughout the years, and while your 60s style kitchen may have been cool at the time, it would make sense that you would want a kitchen that reflects your sense of style and preferences.

Your kitchen should be your happy place. You want to walk into your kitchen and feel motivated and energized, not overwhelmed and stressed. If you’re not getting good vibes from it, then it’s an obvious sign that it’s time for a remodel! We hope this blog helps you understand the signs it’s time to remodel your kitchen and why it’s important that it functions perfectly to your needs! If you’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, give Nome Design & Build a call at (858) 373-9902 or click here for a free quote.