7 Things To Consider for a Bedroom Addition

Are you planning on adding on to your home? Turning your room into a master bedroom will allow you to get the walk-in closet or improved bathroom you’ve always wanted. To help you plan out your new project, we’ve created a list of 7 things to consider for a bedroom addition. Whether you’re in the initial planning phase or are ready to hire someone, you don’t want to miss out on any crucial details. Updating your home is a challenging task that requires you to plan out many different aspects before getting to work. We hope this blog serves as a great starting point!

  1. Location & Layout

Location is one of the first things you need to consider during a bedroom addition. You want to plan out how to incorporate it into the home’s existing layout. It should blend in with the architecture and not cause any issues with the rest of the house. If your bedroom is located on the ground floor, you have the opportunity to add direct outdoor access from the bedroom. If you’re on the second floor, a bay or bow window will give you a bird’s-eye view of the outdoors.

  1. Add a Sitting Area

A great perk of opening up your bedroom is you can add additional seating room! You can use it to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, read a book, or turn it into a home office. The area should match the rest of the room and be a comfortable place to relax or work.

  1. Every Bedroom Needs a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your bedroom will instantly make it more cozy and luxurious. Combining a pleasant sitting area and fireplace will create the perfect nook to unwind. It can create a focal point in your room, and the extra heat will keep you warm in the winter!

  1. What Style Are You Going For?

The great part about upgrading your room is that you can change the theme! There are plenty of styles to choose from, such as modern, artistic, coastal, cottage, contemporary, minimalist, and many more. Choosing the right one is important because it reflects your unique personality. The theme of the room will drastically change the environment and feel.

  1. Find the Best Lighting

Good lighting is a crucial design element in your room and is both functional and helps decorate your space. Combining gorgeous lamps with ceiling fixtures will help brighten up and beautify your bedroom. From pendant lights, floor lamps, recessed lighting, chandeliers, track lighting, and wall scones, there are plenty of lighting options that will make your bedroom stand out! You can also add dimmer switches to adjust the room’s setting or make it easier on your eyes at night.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Windows

Windows are an essential aspect of your bedroom. They should allow plenty of natural light into your room while giving you unobstructed views of the outdoors. Making a note of the outdoor landscape around your room will enable you to plan out which direction your windows will face getting the best views possible. Plus, upgrading your windows is important because you don’t want old windows that let cold drafts or critters into your home!

  1. Add an Entertainment Center

There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite TV show to unwind after a busy day. Adding a mounted or hidden TV is an excellent addition to the master bedroom; just try to avoid binge-watching your favorite show until three in the morning! You can even add speakers around your room for music or to create a surround sound effect.

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