Kitchen Remodeling: What’s In and What’s Out This Summer?

Stay at home restrictions are slowly being lifted, and people are facing a new dilemma. Employees have to decide whether to go back to the office or to keep working from home. 

Many businesses realized that their teams could save on office space and achieve the same productivity while working remotely. If you decide to continue working from home, are you comfortable enough to do so successfully? If the answer is ‘no,’ what part of the house should you start your improvements with?

Whether hosting zoom meetings, finishing assignments, cooking meals, sitting on barstools, and just having a great conversation or relaxing over a family meal, your kitchen is the heart of your home. 

With all the time we spend in our kitchen, it’s important to know what’s in and what’s out before you start a remodel. In this blog, we’ll talk about what’s trending in kitchens this summer.

Backsplash Wall 

That’s right, an entire wall in your kitchen as an accent is a trendy feature. Even rooms outside of your kitchen, such as your living room, having a backsplash wall is in. Whether it’s stacked stone mosaics, glass, or another combination, this look is unique and creates a pop and focal point in the rim. So the next time you’re remodeling your kitchen, think about doing a backsplash wall.

Steel and Glass Dividers

We’ve seen a trend over the past couple of years that we’ve been following – steel and glass dividers in showers. We’re finding that it’s becoming a popular trend for kitchens as well. It’s a very unique look, but it’s a nice way to separate your kitchen from your living room.

Darker Hues Are In

That’s right, darker colors are making a comeback. Homes are featuring a lot more intimate colors. And dark colors do just that! We’re talking about dark blues, dark grays, matte black, and even espresso as being great colors in your home. So the next time you’re looking to remodel or repaint, consider taking a trip to the dark side.

Bench Seating with Built-In Storage

Another popular addition to kitchens is bench seating with built-in storage space. One, this creates another area to sit, which is nice. Two, it creates another space to store things. And let’s be honest, there’s never enough room to fit everything in your kitchen cabinets.

Mixing Up Your Metals 

When we say that, what we mean is your hardware, your faucet, your handles, things of this nature in your kitchen as well as your appliances. Mixing and matching and having different looks in your kitchen can be a great way to update. Like we said, darker hues are in, so choose accordingly. There are some great cobalt, matte black, or other types of finishes for hardware that can look really nice and add a distinguished look to a room.