Top 6 Bathroom Trends of 2020

Keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is no easy feat, but luckily, whether you have a large or small bathroom, here are a few easy bathroom trends that will help keep your bathroom looking resplendent for the year.

Top bathroom trends in 2020 – what’s coming up?

  1. Freestanding bathtubs and sinks

A bathroom classic that doesn’t go out of style and it’s quite easy to see why as they match any bathroom decor with ease whether you want a more modern look of stone resin or something more classic like clawfoot or copper. Though they may appear pricey, both freestanding bathtubs and sinks will increase the value of your home as well as retain their value through the test of time.


  1. Bathroom Accent Walls

An accent wall provides a centralized location for your bathroom – a focal point for your vanity or your bathtub, whichever you wish to highlight. As the name suggests, it is a wall in your bathroom that is made from a different material or color to contrast against the rest of your bathroom. Popular choices are marble, brick, mosaic tile, natural stone and even wood in many cases, though the choice is up to you as plastic and paper are still quite commonly used. You can paint your wall black and it will function just the same or perhaps even a wall mural. And for the more modern look, you can even use mirrors as your accent wall-the choice is up to you.


  1. Bold Colors

Adding vibrancy or a striking look doesn’t necessarily require adding a new sink or cabinets, sometimes it is as simple as just repainting your existing bathroom. Another popular trend is replacing your old drab colors for something more striking and noticeable. Lime green is a common choice, giving your home a summer feel, while matte black is becoming very popular, providing a strong accent to your white accessories and toiletries. Blue matches well with more saturated spaces, orange adds more warmth and depth, the list goes on, so experiment and see what appeals to you.

  1. Chandeliers

On the same point as light fixtures, chandeliers give off an environment of resplendence and luminescence for not too heavy a price tag. These fixtures are easily the focal point of your bathroom, providing illumination to every nook and cranny. Although you don’t always need to hang a dining room style chandelier to gain notice as there are much smaller versions on the market that are just as vibrant and visually striking. The more common of these is the starburst look, which appears like a glowing star, giving your bathroom a modern centerpiece.

  1. Waterfall Shower with White Light Color Accents

Certainly not a new trend as turning your bathroom into a spa has invariably always been on the mind of many homeowners, but waterfall showers definitely make that dream more of a reality. The fixture provides a small waterfall in your shower which, when paired with a matching accent such as white light or natural stone and when affixed to a circular tub gives the appearance of a natural waterfall as the accent only helps to highlight the waterfall effect.

  1. Matte Fixtures

An increasingly popular trend, matte black is a bold and powerful color, easily striking and visibly noticeable. The demand for matte finished countertops, sinks, cabinets, bathtubs even ceilings are on the rise and it doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon. With matte finishes, dirt and dust are not visible and the material is not easily permeable. So consider matte black if you want to give your bathroom a modern look that won’t easily be forgotten.