A Modern Kitchen That Meets Social & Culinary Needs

A Modern Kitchen That Meets Social & Culinary Needs

In the modern home, kitchen is no longer just a place where you make the food. The kitchen has become a place for relaxing and socializing. The kitchen is the heart of the home and Noma Design and Build works hard to make it a place where you seamlessly go about your daily routine. We have knowledge and experience to satisfy both your kitchen social and culinary needs with high-quality materials and smart design.

It is as simple as having a high-end kitchen cabinet that will organize your space so well you will be able to find things without much effort. Are you looking for cabinets that open and close easily? You will be surprised how many of the ones in the market don’t, but Noma Design and Build has you covered.

Here are a few qualities to look for in cabinets that will make your kitchen a dream to socialize and cook in.

Durable Material 

Noma only works with the best and the most durable materials. Our cabinets are made to last and endure everyday kitchen tasks. They will even survive the inevitable terror of a leaky faucet.

Easy Clean 

Our cabinets feature leak-proof and easy to clean surfaces. You do not have to worry about staining or bubbling. And don’t worry about them showing any wear and tear in the near future.

Dovetail Drawer Box Construction

At Noma Design and Build, we understand that any drawers must be able to support the weight of the contents you put inside. And tableware, cutlery and utensils are heavy. That is why we recommend hardwood drawer boxes with dovetail joints. It has become America’s standard cabinetry because of its beauty, strength, and durability.

Soft-Close Door Hinges 

Being able to open and close your cabinets with ease is essential for the culinary and social flow in your kitchen. Soft-closed hinges are designed to soft-close and open at 107 degrees for easy and full access.  

Soft-Close Drawer Glides

It is essential to have a soft close drawer that will also allow you full access to the contents. The glide will use technology that will make the opening and closing almost silent.

No more fighting with cabinets that don’t open properly or all the way. Save yourself some time and money. Speak to Noma Design and Build specialists, get ideas and find out what it takes to renovate your home successfully and beautifully.

For all of your kitchen upgrade needs,  contact Noma Design and Build, and we will take care of it.

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