Remodeling your home could be saving you money and the environment!

We are all aware that global warming is a real thing and is affecting our everyday life. Have you noticed how San Diego’s weather isn’t the same it was a few years ago? At Noma Design & Build we have experienced it! And we know we have to do something about it. Because of these issues more and more people are coming together to create solutions to preserve our planet, we know you are one of them, and we want to help. A significant part of the answer will be renovating our living spaces and at Noma Design & Build we are the experts!

With that in mind, a lot of the solution lays in our everyday living situation, from our kitchen oven, dishwasher to our bedroom, bathroom light bulbs. Noma Design & Build has a team of professionals who know what appliances are eco-friendly and energy efficient. There are flooring, windows, light bulbs and even home decor that are both stylish, beautiful looking. So Style is never at high to sacrifice when doing green remodeling. By remodeling your home keeping energy efficiency in mind and with your dream look; whether it is contemporary or modern, we are up to the task! We will ensure that you are living comfortably in a beautiful setting and also saving a lot of money, let us not forget that with higher demand for energy-efficient homes your home value increases tremendously.

One example of how a home saves on energy is by replacing their old windows with Vinyl glass windows, which is insulated and can keep warmth in during the winter and heat out during the summer. With this material, you no longer have to use your heater or AC as much, and they come in all kinds of beautiful designs! A huge plus will be that it also improves air quality inside of your home making it a healthier environment for your family.

With green remodeling, your home looks beautiful instantly, and your savings are ongoing on every month’s utilities! Hire professionals like Noma Design & Build to help you with your home improvement.

If you are thinking of taking the next step, and you are ready to renovate Noma Design & Build with its experience team will be here for you and guide you through the simple process. At Noma Build & Design we take your vision, and we work with you to make sure we cover all your needs.

Let us make a difference while making your dreams come true!

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